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CNA State Exam LIVE Review

Our CNA State Exam LIVE Review serves as a guide for examination development as well as candidate preparation. The CNA State Exam LIVE Review  is a pass or fail practice exam with a cut score of 75% to determine the likelihood a graduate will pass the State exam. 

  • 4 Hour comprehensive LIVE review.

  • 70 Question Written State Exam Simulation with realistic questions similar to what you’ll see on test day—and get full explanations for all of them.

  • In Person and  Instructor led preparation to give you personalized feedback about your test performance.

  •  Learn your strengths and weaknesses and get detailed answers and explanations for each question, and leave nothing to chance on test day.

  • Customized study plan so you can review material in areas that need more focus and adjust your study plan accordingly for a successful outcome.


- Must have completed a CNA program in California. 

**Limited to 10 seats per LIVE review (First Come Basis)**

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