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Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

American Heart Association Provider Course

The Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Provider course is designed for healthcare professionals working in emergency medicine, intensive care units, critical care units, surgical areas, or emergency response, such as physicians, nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, and other professionals who may respond to a cardiovascular emergency.

The ACLS Provider course provides the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate and manage the first 10 minutes of an adult advanced cardiovascular emergency, with topics including ventricular fibrillation/ventricular tachycardia (VF/VT) arrest, bradyarrhythmia, and tachyarrhythmia. 

This course also covers airway management and basic cardiac arrest (CPR) in adult patients as well as acute coronary syndrome and acute ischemic stroke.

The ACLS Certification class is offered as a popular extended one day class or traditional two day class, depending on student preference.  Your testing schedule will be arranged on the day of your class.

The ACLS Renewal or Update class is offered as a one day class for students who hold a current AHA ACLS Provider card.

ECG is recommended for first time ACLS students.  Our ECG Course provides students with confidence in identifying various heart rhythms and understanding treatments associated with different arrhythmias.  If your license or background has not provided you with ECG training, or if you need to review and expand your knowledge, we suggest enrolling in the ECG Course prior to taking ACLS for successful completion.

Students will master their ACLS skills through a combination of hands-on practice and video-aided instruction with instructor guidance.

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